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Can I use these samples to make "Music Libraries"?


Yes! This is fully allowed with all of our products. 

The sounds have to be used within a musical context, however, and cannot be presented isolated or "solo'ed".



Can I use some instruments “solo’ed” in my dynamic music?


Yes! Again, as long as you are using our sounds in a musical context and sometimes playing with some other instruments, there’s no problems at all.



Can I use some instruments as sound effects?


Yes and No! 


Yes, as long as you are using our sounds on a movie or on a game, where the sounds will be played with another sounds as well, you can with the exception of the voices and chants that con ONLY be used on a musical context and with other instruments as well.


No, if you are planning to use these sounds solo’ed in an application for example.



Do I have to pay additional licensing fees if my use of these samples ends up on a hit record or other high-profile projects?


No! Your original purchase is your only license fee.

Feel free to use it in as many musical recordings as you want and we will hope it becomes a hit!



Do I have to credit this product if I use it on a recording?


No! But we would love if you could tell the world about us :)



Can other people such as my writing partner, colleagues or friends use my license? Can I form a group to buy and share products?


No! The right of use is only destined to the person that purchased our libraries. 

Anyone other than the original purchaser of the product, who uses the sounds or the software, is doing so illegally – risking legal action against both them and their clients! Contact us regarding package deals for special circumstances.



Do I own these sounds?


No! When you purchase our libraries, you are obtaining the license to use our sounds and not to own them.



Can I offer these sounds to clients as part of my recording studio or rental company services or sell as compilation discs/new libraries? 


No! The sole user (creative person, artist, producer, sound designer etc) of the library should has to be the licensed user.



Can I use these sounds in Multimedia projects?


Possibly! As long as you are using our sounds with other sounds as well (read above), you should be fine. 

Contact us if you’re still unsure.



Can I create a comercial new virtual instrument using your sounds?





Can I use these sounds to make and publish DLS sets?


No! Any such usage is prohibited without prior clearance from us.



Can I sell my library to someone else after I’m finished with the project required for?


We handle license transfers on a case-by-case. You have to remember that your library is watermarked with your name on it so that means we need to generate a new version with new watermarks.



Is it OK to sell the product to someone else if I’m finished with the project that I needed it for?


License Transfers will be handled on a case-by-case basis as a special customer service. It will be necessary to announce a license transfer to us, and both you and the new licensee will have to agree to the license transfer. A nominal fee will be charged per transferred license.



What if I still have questions?


If you still have questions, please contact us at to discuss any particular licensing questions you may have. 

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