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Welcome to a world where your passion for music can make a difference! At our music company, we're committed to making an impact on the world and the communities we serve.

By choosing our software, you're not only gaining access to magical native instruments, but you're also helping to support social causes that matter. From supporting native communities to aiding animal shelters and musicians in need, your purchase has the power to make a difference.

We take pride in being the first music company to do something truly unique, and we're excited to have you be a part of it all. Plus, we'll create a heartwarming video to show you the impact your purchase has made.

Together, we can create a better world, one sound at a time.

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The Amazon is world's largest rainforest and it is also the ancestral home of 1 million natives divided into almost 400 tribes, each with its own culture and language.

While many natives are dying and entire tribes are facing the threat of annihilation, at The Amazonic and with your help, we will provide food, medicine and other necessities to make it easier for them to survive and raise their family.

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The people of the Amazon are not the only ones who struggle to survive. There are thousands of animals who care for abandoned or mistreated living in shelters across the Amazon state. 


A large part of our profits are to buy food, medicine and support for these little angels as well.

We are always connected to the Amazon and the challenges the people and animals face. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring how our donations will be best utilized.


We ensure that the donations are given to those causes most in need at the time of your purchase.


Check out our video to see how your purchase is making a positive impact on social causes in the Amazon. Seeing the smiles on the faces of those we have helped together is truly rewarding.

2020 - Donation (Pilot Project)

This was our very first donation, made thanks to our first buyer, the musician Daniel Figueiredo.

Thanks to him, we manage to do a first pilot and have a better understanding of the logistics about the donations process.

2021 - S1

Our first big donation involved helping the group "O Pequeno Nazareno", a foster home in the city of Manaus, Amazon. We manage to donate, food, clothes and utensils for the house.

We also helped João Evangelista, an animal rescuer that takes care of dozens of abandoned animals in Manaus, by fixing a dog, providing medicines and food.

2021 - S2

Our second big donation was focused in helping the 700+ families that are part of the Witoto Tribe through the help of Vanda Ortega.

We managed to buy a great amount of food for these families, providing them weeks to come with a 3 meal/day.

The food is sent by boat, that travels 6 days to arrive at the location.

2022 - S1

Our most recent donation was made to the Kambeba tribe.

Antonio himself traveled back to the Amazon to monitor this donation alongside Nina Zakime and Celdo Braga, long time partner in the project.

The donation included thousands of food, medicine, hygiene items and dog food.

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