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Crafted specially for you

A special collection with 5 Amazonian flutes.

Flauta Cutia is a female flute made of Paxiúba wood. Made by a native Tarian called Caribaia. It is used to initialize de Dance of Cotia, in the rituals in the Alto Rio Negro.

Flauta de Jupati uses a similar system found on Vuvuzela and has its rod made from the wood of the Jupati tree.

Flauta Dupla consists of two tubes mande of Amazonian wood playing together.

Flauta indigena is a traditional flute played by different ethnicities across the Amazon.

Flauta com Cariço, also called Tarúzupá, which means "a flute that plays any time of day'. This is an instrument used widely wether there are festivities or not.


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