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Conversation about The Amazonic on MYT Podcast

Antonio Teoli had a very nice conversation about the creation of The Amazonic with Paul Nolan, owner of the amazing podcast MYT - Beyond the Studio.

"In this episode of Beyond The Studio we are joined by a remarkable man, who has not only worked on the music for hundreds of computer games, but also create the world's first virtual instrument company with its roots deeply planted in social causes.

Antonio Teoli created The Amazonic - a company that creates beautiful Kontakt Instruments, from recordings he took of tribes in the Amazon Rainforest in Manaus, Brazil, playing and performing with their traditional instruments.

The Amazonic sounds stunning, and better yet, up to 30% of the profits of The Amazonic go to the tribe directly, or to other organisations and initiatives set up to protect the rainforest, and ensure the safety and health of the tribe during the pandemic and beyond.

More information about The Amazonic can be found at their website - it really is worth your time and money, and a beautiful way to give back to these indigenous communities whilst still be able to make beautiful music.

Listen to the end to get an exclusive discount code, giving you 30% off your purchase of The Amazonic

You can find out more information and sign up by heading to"





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