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New Trailer for AMA 1

When we created The Amazonic AMA 1, we aimed to created something that could bring the organic sound from the Amazon jungle but also provide to composers and music producers, an extremely versatile library!

AMA 1 can be used not just to create traditional Amazonian songs but also to create mystical textures for that horror movie, powerful grooves to spicy things up on pop songs or that documentary you are working on.

We have also seen a big numbers of clients incorporating these sounds with orchestras as well, achieving a beautiful sound only found in movies like Avatar and Black Panther.

With that in mind, we created a new powerful trailer for you, featuring these sounds.

Everything you hear in this trailer comes from AMA 1 and the only thing we added was a reverb and a compressor in the master bus.

We hope you enjoy this.


Antonio Teoli and The Amazonic Team


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