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Celebrating 10.000 Free Editions downloaded

We are proud to announce the AMA 1 FREE Edition has been downloaded by more than 10.000 composers, producers, Djs, engineers and music enthusiasts around the world and we couldn't be more proud of that!

Since the beginning of the creation of The Amazonic, its concept has always been focused on the dissemination of the musical culture of Amazonas, on the representation of those who are considered minorities - a term that we are not a fan actually - and on the possibility of giving them a voice and... What a beautiful voice!

All of this added to social causes combined with technology in the creation of an extremely refined VST and we knew that from the beginning, The Amazonic would be something unique in the music industry. And it became, indeed!

So, on behalf of all those who were and still are part of The Amazonic, our deeply thanks for your support.

We look forward to seeing and hearing what you will be composing with the mystical sounds of our beloved Brazilian forest.

Also, stay tuned for upcoming news, we have plenty!

- Antonio Teoli


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